Jamaican Sports

Cricket- Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Each team takes it in turn to bat, attempting to score runs, while the other team fields. Each turn is known as an innings. (sorta like baseball)

Association football- Soccer

Athletics- Sprinting and other Olympic events. In the 2012 Olympic Games Usain Bolt was named the fastest man on Earth. He ran the 100 meter sprint in 9.58 seconds.

Netball- An earlier version of basketball.

Rugby Union\League- A full contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players on a rectangular field. One of the two codes of rugby football, it originated in England in 1895 as a split from the Rugby Football Union over the issue of payments to players. Its rules gradually changed with the purpose of producing a faster, more entertaining game for spectators. It is frequently cited as the toughest, most physically demanding of team sports

Music Artists

Bob Marley


Jamaican Holidays

Christian Holidays:

Ash Wednesday (February 13 )- First day of Lent. 46 days before Easter. Ashes are applied to your head and the Priest/Pastor makes a cross on your forehead. (wiki)

Good Friday (March 29)- The crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

Easter Monday (April 1st)- The day after Easter Sunday and known as the second day in the bright week.

Christmas Day (December 25)- The day that Jesus was born in a manger and gifts are commonly gave that day too.

Secular Holidays:

New Year's Day (January 1st)- The first day of the new year.

Labour Day (May 23)- An annual day that celebrates the achievements of workers.

Emancipation Day (August 1st)-It is regarded to the Emancipation of slaves of African origins. In other countries it regards to the abolition of serfdom or other forms of servitude.

Independence Day (August 6)- The day Jamaica was granted its own government.

National Heroes Day (October 21)-Its a day to recognize what national heroes have done in the world.

Boxing Day (December 26)- is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, known as a "Christmas box". Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws.

Jamaican Food

Jamaican cuisine includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, spices and influences from the indigenous people on the island of Jamaica, and the Spanish, British, Africans, Indian and Chinese who have inhabited the island. It is also influenced by the crops introduced into the island from tropical Southeast Asia. Jamaican cuisine includes various dishes from the different cultures brought to the island with the arrival of people from elsewhere. Other dishes are novel or a fusion of techniques and traditions. In addition to ingredients that are native to Jamaica, many foods have been introduced and are now grown locally. A wide variety of seafood, tropical fruits and meats are available.

Popular Jamaican Foods-

  • Ackee and saltfish
  • Brown Stew Chicken
  • Corned Beef and cabbage
  • Curry goat/mutton
  • Escoveitch fish (similar to Spanish escabeche)
  • Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, vegetarian, saltfish)
  • Jerk chicken - grilled Jerk-spiced chicken/pork
  • Oxtail with broad beans
  • Saltfish with cabbage or callaloo
  • Jamaican spiced bun
  • Steamed fish

Jamaican Clothing

Jamaicans were basically the same clothing we wear here (pants, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc....), but they wear hats with dreadlocks and have the colors red, green, black and yellow on them. They also wear brims.

jamaican religon

According to the most recent census (2001), religious affiliation in Jamaica consists of 64% Christian (62% Protestant and 2% Roman Catholic), 2% Jehovah's Witnesses, 3% unstated, and 10% other. The category other includes 24,020 Rastafarians, an estimated 5,000 Muslims, 1,453 Hindus, approximately 350 Jews and the census reported 21% who claimed no religious affiliation.


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