Dirty Socks!!

Our Plan!

Our PBL (prank) to Mr. Plume is to put dirty socks into his pillow case while he is not his cabin. So when Mr. Plume goes to sleep he will have to smell the dirty socks! Then if he doesn't even notice there in his pillow we could joke around with him and tell him that smell is natural for him!

We think our plan is the best because bc it's simple, and it would be easy to pull off and Sarah has done it before and it was funny. Our plan would also be the best because Mr. Kurtis Bricky is going to voice record him so we can hear his reaction.

Our back up plan if he can not come on the camping trip is to put the socks in one of his office drawers that lock and then hide his drawer keys so he couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. We think our plan will be fun and exciting!

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