Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park was born in Illinois and has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember(scholastic). During her childhood, she would read and re-read "Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden"(cynthialeitichsmith). Reading inspired her to become a writer, if fact she wrote her first story when she was only four years old(readingrockets). Linda published numerous books during her childhood and she eventually attended Stanford university(readingrockets). Throughout her life she continued to love writing and in 1997 she chose to try to write a children's book(cynthialeitichsmith)

Linda Sue park has written many books over the years and was even awarded the prestigious John Newbery metal for her book "A Single Shard"(readingrockets). Her most popular books include "A Single Shard", "A Long Walk To Water", and "The Kite Fighters". The book "A Single Shard" took her months of research and investigation to complete. "A Long Walk to Water" is a true story based on a boy named Salva who is separated from his family because of the war. Along his journey he faces many hardships. The book also features part of Nya's life, who is a young girl that lives in modern day Sudan(

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