So B. It

Book by Sarah Weeks
Book Report by Kristine Goertzen


Heidi It is a twelve year old girl who lives with her Mama and Bernadette. Her Mama, "So B. It", has a "bum brain", and Bernadette is their next door neighbor who pretty much lives with them. Her Mama only knows 23 words, and the most mysterious one of them all, is soof. Bernadette always tells Heidi the story about how they came to live in the apartment building. One day, So B. It walked in through Bernadette's door, carrying Heidi. Ever since then, Bernadette had taken care of them. Heide wants to know where she came from, who her father was, and what soof means. When she finds pictures of her pregnant mother and "grandmother", she gets even more curious. So, she convinces Bernadette to let her go from Nevada to Liberty, New York, to find where she came from. When she finally gets there, she finds the old mental hospital where the pictures had been taken. She meets an old man named Mr. Hill, and a mental man named Elliot, who says the mysterious word, Soof. When she asks Mr. Hill about her mother, he seems to get angry, and she has no idea why. When she leaves, she calls Bernadette and she tells Heidi that her mother has been terrible headaches and has been sleeping a lot and that she needs to come home right away. Is Mama ok? Why is Mr. Hill angry? Why does Elliot say Soof? Where will Heidi go now?

What did you enjoy about this book?

This book was very real to me. It made me feel like I was in Heidi's shoes riding the bus across the country with her. The author did an amazing job telling the story and making it seem real. She wrote the book in a way that you would never guess what was going to happen next.

Is this book part of a series?

Sadly, this book is not part of a series. I wish it was though because I would like to now more about Heidi's life after she discovers who everyone is.

Did the book have a good ending?

I think that they ending was good and bad. It was good because she knew who she was and what soof meant. But it was bad because of what happened to her mother.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it will make you realize how hard some other people's lives are. You are in suspense throughout the book. If you like sad books, then this is the book for you, I will gaurantee that you will cry (or at least tear up) by the end of this book.


The theme of this book was family and love. Heidi wanted to know who her family was. She also loved her Mama and Bernie to pieces, and she wouldn't have traded them out for anything in the world. The meaning of soof will sum up the real theme for you, but I can't tell you what that is :)

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