Collaborating in the Cyber Environment


1. What is the pedagogical problem you are trying to solve?

The pedagogical problem I am trying to solve is the lack of collaboration among students in the cyber environment.

2.  What is the context of the lesson?

The lesson will have students research the genre of spoken-word poetry.  Students will then create, publish, and share a video presentation of them performing their poem.  Students will be assessed on how accurately they portray the performance style of spoken-word poetry.  They will also submit a text version of their poem where they will be assessed on general conventions of writing as well as ability to adhere to poetic form.  Finally, students will upload their video performance to a medium that will allow it to be shared across the classroom, and ideally, globally through a medium like Twitter or a Blog Site.

3.  What are you asking your students to do?

Students will; research, write, create, revise, record, perform, share, collaborate.


Students will be assessed on the following areas of learning;

-Written poem  (Conventions and poetic form/style)

-Performance (Recorded and adhering to the performance aspects common in spoken-word poetry.

-Collaboration (Video sharing and commenting in a shared space online.)

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