Oprah Winfrey

Television Icon & inspiration

Getting to know Oprah!

  • She has been known through many generations because of her famous talk show(s)
  • She has started the Oprah Winfrey Foundation to help third world countries with necessities that can not be provided to them.
  • She has traveled to many of these countries such as Haiti and Africa.
  • Oprah has devoted most of her time and invested some of her money into charities that are important to her.
  • Oprah has designed a successful magazine called "O magazine".

The relation...

Since we have been discussing what a hero is in Greek mythology, we were asked to think of what we considered a modern hero. We had come up with the characteristics of some, and the person who we believed was an everyday hero.

We thought of Oprah Winfrey because of her compassion, dedication, and caring personality. Helping third world countries, creating helpful tips in her interesting magazines, and being an inspiration through her talk show! Now she is known through out the world as not only a television icon but an extraordinary human being.  


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