Narrative 3

IB Sl2 Theatre

The Balinese Shadow puppetry Project has been extremely beneficial, my group (Vannessa, Brett, and I)  have worked very well together to make a cohesive piece with Brett writing the script and Vanessa and I making puppets this is a theatrical medium that i am extremely fond of it works by blurring the lines of positive and negative space because the positive space of the puppet shows up dark a stark contrast with the light sheet, however at the same time the negative space can be equally as powerful when designing the details of the pupput which contrast with the darkness of the actual puppet. we weekly followed the story of Gaius Mucius Scaevola and his defeat of the Clusians to emphasize bravery as an important skill as well as the ideas of patriotism, Heroism, and loyalty to ones country as being vital someone who has Bravery and Patriotism can accomplish anything. i worked mostly on the helmets/ faces as well as the leaf i spent the most time on the leaf trying to do justice to the idea of the "Tree of Life" by drawing out a tree to be cut out and i believe that it has come out nicely.