In climaxing of the economy during the Reagan presidency, the yuppie began to flourish. By definition, a yuppie is a young urban professional. The motto most yuppies lived by was "Whoever dies with the most toys wins." Basically, a yuppie's life goals was to have as much to their name as they possibly could; they were utterly obsessed with material possessions.

Most yuppies drove the most expensive cars, the newest and most wanted watch, the best clothing. The best in technology was always theirs. Yuppies were self-indulgent and very self-centered; their main goal in life was to make money and have more possessions than life ambitions. Because of these young professionals, the entire fashion label obsession began and still flourishes today.

Because of the amount of excess available the '80s are sometimes likened to that of the 1920s. Excess lead to a very self-centered and self-oriented generation only concerned with the now and never with planning for the inevitable future. As the '80s came to an end, many yuppies found themselves in incredible debt and with no way to pay it back without selling their little gadgets and gizmos.

Generation X

Generation X was considered the "slackers" and the "MTV Generation", but they were far from being what they were stereotyped as. This generation began major campaigns for environmental changes and the end of globalization; Generation X was overall well-educated and well-informed. In addition, the generation changed the American economy.

Generation X worked because they had to due to the crumbling and broken welfare system and medical/education system, compared to their parents working for personal fulfillment and money. In shows that portrayed Generation X such as Friends and Seinfeld, friends often took the place of family.

Political Correctness

Political correctness refers to the socially conscious way of which we speak out about social issues. Those that stressed political correctness over the First Amendment right all Americans have were called "PC Crybabies".

One major goal of the movement was to make people consciously aware of what they're saying, as well as the fact that there was emphasis on not hurting or belittling anyone that may be different than you.