Have a name, but as a fifa 15 coins cheap played in the World Cup tournament and gradually warming up, his name is "J Lo" - James - Rodriguez.

February 13, 2010, an unhappy 20-year-old Colombian young people in the spring of 2010, the Argentine league scored a wonderful goal to help the team he played for Banfield Lanus 2-0 win .4 years after that, the year of young people have already bid farewell to the South American continent, his footprints have been removed in Porto, Monaco, the Brazilian World Cup has given the opportunity to return to South America Rodriguez, C Ronaldo and his Portugal team after the game sadly out, J Lo but it is, and his Colombian team write their own history, he is completing C Lo in the World Cup has been an impossible task.

Beat Uruguay in the Maracana stadium team, which is a company 64 years ago, "Selecao" also failed to complete the feat. England, Italy, this European despots have worked in front of Uruguay to swallow the bitter pill of defeat, the Colombian team is not the same, because they have James - Rodriguez. He took only 27 minutes to let the Colombian fans eating a "reassurance", Columbia frontcourt continuous Daojiao Aguilar header sent assists, Rodriguez closed front chest, stopping the ball landing ranging, Godin sent out in front of the arc at the foot of the "World wave", the ball hit the crossbar along the goalie Muslera is no way for such a shot, 1-0. The first 49 minutes, Colombia again finished with the team before the games, Martinez closed front of the ball, the ball left Armero, Cuadrado headed back to the point, ambush in front of Rodriguez easily Tui, Godin ball from between his legs to score the 2-0.

Tiewei Uruguay Godin is a great player, in 2014 he was able to qualify in the Champions League final, the final round of La Liga, the key battle in the World Cup to score, but his performance on the defensive end is also a world-class, but when Atletico defender met James - Rodriguez Shique matter. Rodriguez twice a direct dialogue with their goals are achieved, according to Opta statistics, game Columbia on the 10th which completed a three-foot shot hit the door frame twice have achieved a goal. As Pekerman love will, Rodriguez the race moves to cover all positions up front, so that Uruguayan defender off guard.

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