Career of Henry Mosely

In 1913 Moseley looked into and measured spectra to find the atomic numbers of elements. Moseley law proved that atomic numbers were not arbitrary but sequenced on weight! he also helped build early x ray spectrometry gear with the help of  William henry bragg and William Lawrence bragg!! All was done at Manchester university..


1. Moseley was supposed to continue his studies at oxford but, because he had to join in the first world war he was killed.  

2. x ray spectrum developed to help understand atomic structure. 

3. came to the conclusion that it was the properties of elements that mattered most. 

4. Moseley's work is why the periodic table is based off atomic number of the elements not their weight.  

5. Moseley set the stones for the present day periodic table. 

6. for his short career Moseley's contributions are numerous!!!  

random facts

- he lived to be only 27 years old.  

- had to join the british army where he was killed. 

- was born in England to a rich scientific family. 

- Birthday- November 23rd 1887

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