Being loyal to your family is important. Because there family and help you with a lot of things.even if you get mad at them don't forget that they'll be gone one day so appreciate the time you/they are here. Like if they give you money to use for something you really needed and don't ask for it back loyal.

People should be punished for breaking the law.I argee but it depends on what they did like if they just got caught with weed there no need to bring them downtown and right a report. But if it's like the did murder then yeah lock them up for a long time. But if something peddy like trespassing then don't lock them up or give them community service.

Everyone should follow the law I argee. But not everyone will every one more then ounce in there life dis followed this rule because some laws are stupid. Like you have to be 18&up to get a tattoo. I think it should be the kid and the parents-guardians choice not the govements they ain't have us.

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3 years ago

JT, your ideas and examples are all there - good work! Please read over your work out loud to catch your writing errors.