Routine Man

Routine Man, Howard Period 8, November 4, 2013

Daniel with hands like those of Babe Ruth.

Daniel of the giant feet and altitudinous body.

Daniel whose name is mixed with Dylan.

Is a boy with many friends

Runs to the baseball fields that lawnmowers never touch.

Sticks the big army hat on his head.

Grabs the tree branch.

Walks to the batting cages.

Hits some balls.

Daniel sleeps late, whenever he can.

When he gets up, he watches Star Trek.

Then hits the books before school starts,

because today, like yesterday, he has to go to eternal punishment.

Daniel inside that big shirt,

inside those eyes who have seen a lot,

inside that 190 pound body,

is just boy who would rather spend his time playing baseball.

Collects baseball cards.

Each night, he counts them one by one,

then takes a shower,

and brushes his teeth,

then goes to bed.

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