Sent Back in Time
By: Sydney Kelly

"Ugh!" I've been sent back in time. I've been here before because I've only been sent back to last week! This week everyone is in Washington D.C. But I am here at school and I'm so miserable! Last week started out to be a good week. We didn't have to do any work, just relax, but I wasn't as great as it sounds. Now I'm reliving last week.

We get to school and sit in the auditorium like normal. A little after 7:45 the teachers read down the list of students that are here and put us into groups; A, B, and C. Each group will rotate through three different "classes". I am in group A, so I will go to Mrs. Swisher's room. Mrs. Swisher hands us a green piece of paper and we fold it into a little booklet. We keep a little journal where we will write down facts about D.C. throught the week. We learned about Arlington Cemetary and had to locate the latitude and longitude of each memorial in Wahington. After that class, we go to a different room with Mrs. Cooke and we watch National Treasure, all of us have seen National Treasure a few times before. She let us talk quietly with our friends and play on our cell phones and listen to music. I propped my feet up on a desk and my back was on the wall, so I kind of lounged and relaxed. One of my friends kept getting in trouble for talking too loud, so she made us pass notes and text. He also sprayed my perfume on the index card we were passing notes on and kept sniffing it, he tried to get high off of it, it was kind of funny. So that was a pretty fun class. Then we head to Mrs. Bennett's room and play board games for half of the class. Sierra and I played chess,Alex and Giovanni got out the Jenga game before Mrs. Bennett told us to get out the games. "I did not tell you to get out those games! Put that up!" Mrs. Bennett got mad and her eyes almost popped out of her head. Alex and Giovanni didn't know how to put the Jenga game away, the whole class was giggling while they just dumped the blocks into the box and tried to smash them in the box to make them fit. Mrs. Bennett stood there and stared at them with her crazy eyes until she said, "That's not the way those go back in the box!" They said "But we didn't get it out! We don't know how to put it away!" Finally someone helped those poor boys out and stacked the blocks into the tower and put them back in the box. Sierra and I didn't get to finish our chess game because we had to go outside for the other half of the class and walk the track. We sat on the bleachers. People talked and gossiped about the latest news and other people's relationships. After Mrs. Bennett's class is over we stayed at the track and football field, where all three groups have P.E. together and we could sit, walk or throw the football. I sat on the wall and talked to Sierra. All my friends that I usually hang out with are in Washington D.C., so I only hung out with a few people that week. Group A heads to the high school for art class. We watched a boring Modern Marvels video for like an hour and a half. Everyone is falling asleep and some people have already hit the wall and are passed out one their desks. If you look around the room, you see the expression of the highest level of extreme bordom. The look almost resembles death. We all walked slowly out of art class looking like zombies and we hobbled down the hallway all the way to the bus stop. Finally we went home. That is it, we came back everyday this week and we did the same thing. Nothing new at all. We learn about D.C., watch a movie that we've all seen a hundred times, play on our phones, go to P.E.and do nothing ,and lastly go to an encore class and watch a video, movie or play a game.

This gets really old really fast. I ran out of things to do on my phone. It's like I'm braindead by the end of the week. I'm bored out of my mind. Now I'm stuck here forever and I will repeat this vicious cycle for a second time. Hopefully I will find a way back to the present day. If only my friends were here with me, then I might not be so bored and miserable.

The music below pretty much describes the boring and slow days that  I experienced that week.

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