Clarisse McClellan
A lover of Nature

Indirect: Odd Duck

Clarisse is indirectly characterized as an odd duck. One example of this is because she doesn't enjoy or have anything to do with Violence or T.V. Instead she would rather be outside and is a nature lover. She has thoughts of what the world is really like. She is into odd things, that is why she is drawn to Montag, who is not a typical fireman. He doesn't put out fires, he starts them.

Direct: Crazy

Clarisse is an directly crazy character. She is classified this because in the book, on page seven, Clarisse says" I'm seventeen and I'm Crazy." This is an example of direct because either that character or and other person in the book says it about her. In this case, Clarisse directly states she is crazy. I do not have to gather any clues because it is directly spoken.

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