Daniel Kwon Raymond Park
period 1


When we were doing this project we thought we had the equations down but it did not work out the way we wanted it to work. We originally wanted to put a lemniscate but it was not working in desmos for some reason so we decided to do a limacon. then we decided to make the rose a little bigger so we made it bigger.The design is suppose to represent a flower blossoming and we think that i depicted that image well.  

We experiment mathematically when we tried putting a lemniscate on desmos but it didnt work so we decided to put a limacon instead.The way we changed it was we punched in numbers to match the length of the other graph. Then we started to see that the numbers we put and also the sign mattered.

While we were completing this assignment we learned how to graph and determine the equation of a limacon. Before we just knew how the graphs looked like and after experimenting with the numbers we found out how to do it and we think that it helped on the test. We were super excited to see a picture come out from these graphs.

We enjoyed working on the project because we actually learned how to graph the graphs and learned how to find the equations. Through this project we actually had some good memories because most of the time we didnt have any idea on how we were going do this. This project helped me to understand how the graphs worked.

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