Panasonic LUMIX LX7 for $200 includes 32GB SD memory card, battery and charger--in Floyd VA.

I'm simplifying my life by finding good homes for some of my tools. This week, I'm hoping to hand-deliver a high-quality compact digital camera--my Panasonic Lumix LX7 (White model) to someone in or near Floyd. Turns out almost all of my photography over the past two years since buying the Lumix has been with my iPhone 5s.

The Lumix is a sweet point-and-shoot camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens. I used it primarily for MACRO SHOTS, and it is very good for this use. A pro photog would appreciate its Shutter, Aperture (via a ring-dial around the lens) and full Manual operation. This camera has not had much use, and has suffered no bumps or scratches at all. Lowest price I can find is $210 without a memory card. I'll let this one go for $200 with a 32GB SD card. Don't wait--this item won't last long at this price!

Read the Digital Photography Review of this camera. Note the one for sale is enamel white (so I would not lose it in the woods!) There is not a mark on it. Below, more details of the camera body.

If you can see this upper-end point and shoot camera in YOUR HANDS, get in touch via Facebook or leave a comment at the bottom of this window. -- Fred First

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2 years ago

These views tend to show the camera in full long-range lens extension. On turning the camera off or to a wider-angle view, of course, the camera is much smaller, although not fully flat on the front like some very small shirt-pocket cameras. Still it fits most of my shirt and all of my jacket pockets nicely.