The Woman in the Snow inference chart

I inference that the story The Woman in the Snow is going to be about a woman who have to do something with the snow.

" Ray Hammon, a war hero two year of college, became the first black driver Mertro hired"(263)  I think he is a person that many people respected and he is a important person because he also the first black person to be a bus driver.

"He took a handful of change out his pocket , fished around for a dime angoogle

it in to the pay box. "You all pay up."(265) I thought that he was going to drive the bus away, but I was wrong he was very nice even she was a ghost he payed for her ride.

"You still with me? Ray looked around . Yes, she was there" I was thinking that while he was talking she would disappeared, but the she didn't.

"You're a kind man " she said" I also agree that he was a kind man.

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3 years ago

Make sure you include the page number right after the quote. Also, you will need to read all of this story to get ready for the quiz. You can do that during study hall if you don't want to carry the book home.