Harriet Tubman

This story is about a very brave woman, Harriet Tubman.She grew up into slavery her life was not so happy or fun.You will learn more about this special woman that believed in her self and did what she wanted.She inspired many people and she inspire you.

Childhood: Harriet Tubman was born into slavery on March 1822, in Dorchester,Maryland. She was born under harsh conditions.When she was growing up she had to live with her grandmother because she was to old to work out in the fields,but when she was six she was old enough to work but in the fields yet so she worked in her masters house.Then one day she stole a sugar cube from her master so as punishment she was whipped so many times. Harriet Tubman was going to many cotton plantations when she older. When she was working her master through a metal bar at a slave worker but hit Harriet instead and that left a permanent head injury that effected her for the rest of her life.

Marriage: When Harriet was 25 she married John Tubman a free black. Even though she married him he did not share the same dream as her.The dream she had was she would escape and move to Canada,but he tried to convince her to stay,but she decided to leave him and she went to Canada.Her life did stop there.

Civil war: Tubman returned to the U.S from living in Canada.When the war started Harriet joined the army. She had to put together a group of spies to save slaves from the south while she was in the south she was gathering information so the north has a better advantage of winning.Her work was successful, she saved over 500 slaves that wanted to join the  army.

Harriet Tubman's death: Harriet Tubman died March 10,1913.Before she died she gave her home to to the elderly from the Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.She was buried with civil rights in the Fort Hill Cemetery.People are still amazed and astonished of what Harriet Tubman did to help stop slavery , if it Harriet  didn't do anything would slavery still be going on.This was the wonderful story about Harriet Tubman

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