Chipper Rothrock

trying to find a passage way to the north pole

Robert Walton sends letters to his sister trying to find a passage way to the north pole

victor starts telling Robert Walton his story.tells about his family how its a family of four and how he liked a girl named Elizabeth and how he was an only child for 5 years

Robert Walton rescues victor from the ice

victor learns how to bring back dead people

victor starts digging up graves because he learned how to bring back dead people and he wanted to see how to make a human that was dead and bring them back to life.

victor starts creating a human

victor starts getting bones and makes a 8ft tall monster that had yellow skin in his dorm room at his collage.victor got scared and left because of them monter and victor got word that the monster had killed his brother.

the monster

the monster went off in the woods and wound up in a village watching people talking trying to learn so he could talk to them he started getting feeling he has never had before like sleepy and hungry at night the monster would go still food from the village because he was hungry.

the monster feeling peace

the monster is watching the village and starts feeling happiness and peace because of the way all the familys are he went and aproched the village and a family beat him and he bernt there house down and started feeling angry again.

creating another monster

victor and the monster meet and the monster tells victor to create someone else for him or he would kill his family and victor said if your are going to kill me then kill me but victor didnt know that the monster wasn't going to kill him he was going to kill his family.

victor goes out on the lake

victor goes out on the lake and falls asleep and floats to a island and gets acused of murder and went to jail and then they have a grand jury and is inanest and his dad comes and before they leave to come back he gets a letter from elizabeth wondering if he still loves her but his is scared of what the monster will do to her if they get married

victor and elizabeth get married

the night victor and elizabeth get married the monster kills elizabeth victor went crazy.victores dad did because he was so depressed.

hunting for the monster

after the monster killes elizabeth victor goes crazy and goes looking trying to kill the monster he finally finds the monster but the ice started braking and he had to stop and he ran into robert and he got on the boat and told everyone what has happend and  he was so depressed he did so robert goes and finds the monster and the monster found out victor had died so the monster kills himself

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