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Juan Pablo Becerra


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Letter of Intent

Juan Pablo Becerra

13000 Enrique Gomez

El Paso, Texas 79938

April 28, 2015

Virginia Military Institute

Admission Office

319 Letcher Avenue

Lexington, VA 24450

RE: Requesting Information

Dear Admissions Office,

I would really like to go to the Virginia Military Institute because I want to join the Army when I finish high school. I'm on my freshmen year, on my way to graduate high school in the next 3 years of high school. I've search everything about your college and it seems that you people have a lot of discipline and it looks interesting about the way they are right now.

My personal life here it's about me. I live in El Paso Texas I've spent 5 years in the U.S. and I'm 15 years old. I was born in Mexico and I use to live with my whole family for 10 years. Right I just live with my parents and my brother with our family far away. I go to the El Dorado high school in my freshmen year.

I just have a few questions about the college. Is it really like an ROTC college? Or is it like some sort of military service you people have? Or is it like a military school for bad kids and teenagers?


Juan Pablo Becerra


Letter of Recomendation

Dear Mr. Aguilar,

I would recommend this university to Luis Aguilar because when I met him he said that he wanted to join the military when he finishes school and if his in this class and they enjoy it. And they want to join the ARMY instead of college then this is their chance. This could also be a chance for the people who want to join the military service because this is no ordinary college but a military college.

This is also like a military services and a college combined which it could teach a lot of discipline to the teens who behave bad. They could also study things of what they want to do when they get out of this college and also do some military services like rifle arms and rifle shooting. And the most important they can learn why this country is one of the most important countries and being proud of themselves for serving this country.


Juan Becerra

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