Intellectual Property/ Copyright

By: Austin Patton

What is copyright and what can it protect?

Intellectual Property/Copyright is the protection of someones creation. These creations that are protected by copyright are items such as music, art, literature, inventions and discoveries.

What enforces copyright and where did it come from?

The US Constitution gives the power to promote science and the useful arts by securing the copyright to their respective works for a limited time. Copyright is enforced by the law, and if you infringe on the rights of the copyright holders, then you can face jail time, massive fines and/or litigation.

How do I obtain a copyright?

Copyright is automatic. Anytime an idea is written down or a work is published it is protected under copyright law.

What exclusive rights does the copyright owner have that others don't?

Copyright holders have the exclusive right to copy, sell, preform, and the right to create a similar work (e.g. book into a movie or vice versa).

What is not protected by copyright law?

Ideas, facts, data and government works are not protected by copyright law

I bought an item with a copyright. What can I legally do with it?

The first sale doctrine gives people who have a copy of an item the permission to lend resell or dispose of their copy. However, even though they own that specific item, they cannot preform, copy, or create a derivative work without the permission of the copyright holder.

For more information on copyright see the video below.

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