Geometry in Europe

Created by Emma McMichael

Which shapes do you see that tesselate?

Are the bushes in the high lighted area tesselating?
Find the remaining angles using the given information.
What is the sum of the exterior angles of one of the square windows?

a) 90 degrees b) 180 degrees c) 360 degrees d) 60 degrees

Based on the fact that the photo above is of a tesselation, what can you infer of the word's definition?

Are the two triangles proportional? If so what is the ratio?
Classify the angles made by the spokes of the London Eye.

If the total degrees of the two angles is 137, what are the measures of the induvidual angles?

A) 90, 47 B) 90, 37 C) 90, 45 D) 90, 35

What are the two remaining measurements of the isosceles triangle?

Based on the picture above, what shapes can you create from a basic triangle?


1) Triangles, squares, rhombi

2) No, because they are abstract circular shapes that have no geometrical pattern

3) 75 degrees, 105 degrees, 105 degrees

4) C

5) an arrangement of repeating shapes that fit perfectly, usually used in art.

6) yes, 4/1

7) right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle

8) A

9) 50 degrees, 80 degrees

10) circles, squares, rectangles

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