Exploration Presentation

By Grady Brown

    Hello my fine king. My name is Grady Brown. I hail from the worthy islands of Whales, England. Today I will be presenting you with one of my most wonderful ideas. An idea of going to "The New World"! You heard me right. You know that gigantic mass of land over to the west of us, yea, where going over there! We have a huge list of the finest men in all of Great Brittan who are willing to hop on board and now all we need is your help to fund us for all of the boats and supplies. Let me tell you some more.

Now I know what you're thinking in your little royal brain of yours "but how will be benefit from this adventure?" Well, I have the perfect answer. Where going to find a bunch of valuable stuff like gold, furs, and maybe even some cool old artifacts. We could use all of these resources in many different ways ranging from trading them to other countries, to using them ourselves.

Along this adventure, we will most likely run into a few obstacles along the way, but no worries. I planned for absolutely everything that could possibly go wrong. In case a disease breaks out, we can bring some of the most advanced medicines in all of Europe. In case we run into rough waters, we can reinforce our boats to the point of where nothing can get in our way. In case we run into some hostile forces, be it nature, natives or even other Europeans, we can bring lots of weapons and tools.

So in the end, all that I'm asking is for you, my fine king, to fund me and all of my men so that we can make Great Brittan one of the first countries to go to 'The New World"!

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