Review Questions

1. What is the recipe for a revolution? It is what you have to have to be able to have a revolution.

2. Marie Antoinette and explain her comment “Let them eat Cake”? Her comment let them eat cake means she will give them cake so they will eat that and start getting fat.Then they will not be able to defend there self and they will die faster.

3. Give some reasons why people would start a Revolution?They would start a revolution if they are not happy with there government or how they are being treated.

4. What is a Primary and Secondary Source?A primary source is when you get information from a first hand perspective or from someone that was actually there.A secondary source is when someone was not at the event but they heard it from someone else.

5. What is the symptoms of Malaria?high fevers, shaking chills, flu-like symptoms, and anemia.

6. Explain a Democracy? A government were the people have the power.

7. Explain a Oligarchy? A small group of people having control over a government.

8. Explain Theocracy? A government ruled by or subject to religious authority.

9. Explain Monarchy? A form of government with a monarch at the head.

10. Explain Dictatorship? A government where a leader has complete control over the citizens lives.

11. Explain Anarchy? An anarchy is when there is no government when no one is in control.

12. Explain what Natural Rights are? Natural rights are the right to life,liberty,property and the freedom to find happiness.

13. What is a Direct Democracy? A direct democracy is when there is no representative the citizens are directly involved.

14. What is the Columbine Exchange? The columbine exchange s the exchange of goods,ideas,disease,people,and culture.

15. Why would people build colonies? No nation wanted to be without colonies.

16. List the 4 main reasons for exploration? Religion,Money,Fame,Curiosity.

17. List the 3 types of colonies? Settler Colony,Training Post Empire,Plantation Colony.

18. List the 3 primary cash crops? Sugar Cane,Tobacco,Cotton.

19. List the three new technologies that made exploration easier? Compass, Astrolabe,Caravel.

20. Define the Encomienda System? nobles and conguistunes were given land and inbaetants for farms,mines,or towns.