Meriwether Lewis and William Clack

by Hao Xuan Li  4-402

Our class is studying explorers.I am learing about Meriwether Lewis and Wiliam Clark

Here are some facts I am learn about them.

First,Lewis was secretary for Tomas Jefferson.I thought that was preetty cool because Lewis is an explorers but he is also a secretary for Jefferson.Another fact is that Lewis and Clark both seved in the army.

This is a map of Lewis and Clack trail

Thomas Jefferson order Lewis and Clack to find a safe path to the Pacifc Ocean.Also,Lewis and Clack were order to find new animal(

Here are some facts about Lewis and Clack team.

a Native American named Sacagawea joined Lewis and Clack team.Lewis and Clack had 25 people on  their team when they reach the Pacifc Ocean.(

That is Meriwether Lewis (left) and that is William Clack (right).

This picture show Lewis and Clack on there adventure  

This picture show Lewis and Clack on there boat trip