K-12 mLearning Apps

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My Fitness Pal

What is it?! My fitness pal is an app that allows you to track your calorie intake and your exercise into a program that is tailored to your body. You can follow friends and track how your fitness goals have been improving together.

Why use it? This app can be a useful tool in getting an entire health class to track their healthy eating and exercising habits online. You can follow as many friends as you want so it can be useful for a whole class.


What is it? This is an app created for high school math. the pp contains 22 formulas and can store them in one place. The formulas can have numbers inputted to help make sense of power steps.

Why use it? This can be a useful app for any high school math class. This app can be used on a phone so it can be useful any where. Math formulas for all your units can be found at your finger tips.

Power Planner

What is it? This app can manage your class time table as well as your grades. The grade calculator allows students to micromanage their time and exams. The app is free and provides automatic notifications for events coming up.

Why use it? This app can encourage students to keep track of everything from their daily tasks as well as assist in micromanaging their grades. With the instant notifications students will never forget things again.

Anatomy 3D-Aatronica

What is it? This app provides students with a free 3D model of the human skeleton. The app explains the muscle structure as well as the bones. The model takes you through different names and locations in an easy to read yet comprehensive way.

Why use it? This app would be really helpful for science students who learn through visual ques. The app is user friendly and provides detailed explanations for each muscle and bone it describes.

Daily Art

What is it? This is an app that sends a classic piece of art to your phone everyday, the art is always different and the description includes who created the piece, where it resides, when it was painted and the like. The app has a list of pieces already sent out.

Why use it? This is a great app for an art class. A new painting of the day for the class to folloq and discuss. Making art, especcially clasic art relevent to todays world.

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