Ballads were passed on orally. The name derived from the Medieval French dance songs known as 'Ballares'. Ballads are mostly a narrative that is set in a musical form. Some of the oldest ballads came from the land between England and Scotland where families lived in clans. People thought that the area consisted of fairies, witches and ghosts which gave subjects for the poems. Poets and scholars rediscovered English ballads in the 18th century.

Example Poem:

Song of the Wolf
Samantha Hanifan

song of the wolf who will hear our song,
If we are gone?
Will you feel our pain,
As our blood falls like rain?
Who will know our strife,
If you take our life?
Why can't we be free,
We leave you be.
What would you have done,
If it were you under the gun?
You say we are killers,
That we thirst for blood.
But you became a murderer,
When the first shot rung.