Week of january 26th

Snowed in

1.I took it on how i thought kids feel when they are snowed in.

2.I like that her face shows the sadness

3. I would change the position when i took the photo

4. bw dirty face . I just played the action.


1.I tried to get it out of the window and i think the sky is the window of my world because I am so in love with nature.

2. I like that the road is shining from the sun

3. I wouldn't change a single thing

4. i used red reily and i just ruined the action.


1. I changed the color

2. I like color I used and how the water splashed.

3. nothing.

4. The sharpen action and the color pop action. I sharpened the bottle a lot and just ran the other action at level 20 or 25