this is a beautiful city of Nicaragua

by Cross Duffey

population: 5.7 million (2009)

National Languages: spanish and Miskito

Capital City: Managua

Type of Money: Cordoba

Two Neighboring Countries: Honduras and Costa Rice

                                                            this is a map of Nicaragua

famous places

1.Tola- Tola is home to some of the best surf beaches in all of Nicaragua and this stretch of Nicaragua pacific coast is famous for it's great surf.

2.San Juan del Sur- the bays provide a natural harbor and is home to fishing boats, sail boats and private yachts and San Juan del Sur is the epicenter of beach tourism and foreign real estate investment in Nicaragua.

3.Granada-this makes Granada, Nicaragua one of the oldest settlements in central america.

food and drinks

Pinole also called "pinol" is a hot drink from the Aztec Indians and made of ground toasted corn, cocoa, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla.

Nacatamal is a traditional dish made with potatoes, meat, olives, corn meal and stuffed in steamed, banana leaves.