Fighting for Freedom

My name is William Wellington, I am 27 years old, and I own a large farm near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with my children, Jake, Madison, and Katelyn. My wife died from typhoid several years ago so could not go off to the war. However, I send supplies and food to the Union troops.  


August 10, 1861
I am the only adult in the house therefore I must take care of the house and kids. In the morning I must wake the kids and make them food. I must also change Madison's diaper. I then gather the clothes and set them aside in a basket for laundry later. I also do the dishes and clean the house. As the day progresses, I have other chores I must complete. One task would be to take Jake with me to obtain and cut firewood for the furnace. I would also have to make the dinner and wash the dishes. Finally, I would make the kids take a bath, and send them to bed. Throughout several days I usually collect a set of different things like clothes, blankets, and canned foods. After I have a substantial amount of items, I send them to the union. I also protest against slavery and attend community meetings.

Day 2

                                 August 11, 1861
Dear Alex,
   I hope you are safe, my dear brother. I know you have gone through a lot of training and are probably safe, however I saw a newspaper saying that many Union soldiers were captured in the battle of Ball's Bluff. I know this might get to you far after the battle, but I only got the information recently so this is the earliest I could respond. If you receive this letter, please send a message back saying what happened. The kids are fairly scared too so please be safe.

Day 3

August 12, 1861
This morning, I had to get up early so I could rush to the grocery store before the kids woke up. I also got new clothes for the kids. When I got back I had to wash all of the bed sheets and covers. After all this, I took the kids to an abolitionist conference. Jake was the only one who understood even a little bit of what was said. Later in the day, I went out hunting and fed the cattle. I got back, put the dead animals in the freezer and went down to check the crops. Now that many of the crops have come in, I have started to can my own food and ship it off the the Union. I have started to be more active and began protesting against slavery. I also took lead in an event that my community has started to spread the word about how terrible slavery and ways we can help stop it.

Day 4

August 13, 1861

I got a letter from Alex, my brother, and when I read it, my kids and I was filled with relief.

Dear William,
      I am safe and you can tell the kids that nothing has happened to me. I was in that battle however I didn't get captured by the confederacy. Many of my friends were taken away during this battle, but we are trying our hardest to find them and get them back. Recently, I have also been in the some battles such as the battle of Rich Mountain. We won that battle and several others. I will see you soon.
                                                     Your Brother,
                                                             Alex Wellington

Day 5

August 14, 1861

The news just got to our house. Jake is the only one who actually understands what happened. However, he is still a child, so he doesn't quite know how to react. I sat on couch not scared of what comes next. The other two kids still don't know what is happening. The newspaper we just got came with a single headline on the front page:


The one man that saved us from the sin of slavery is now dead and no one would be able to keep the country together like he did. Alex had got back home about two weeks before. He almost broke down because he had personally met and had conversations with Lincoln. However, He stayed strong in front of the kids.

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