The Dreadful Disaster Of The Costa Concordia

By Jordan Taylor


The Cruise Liner,the Costa Concordia,tipped 20' to it's side off the coast of Giglio at 8:00 P.M.-9:00 A.M.The Captain steered the ship too close to ground on Jan.13th,2012.

About the ship

The Costa Concordia was 952 feet and 1 inch long and launched on September 2nd,2005.the Costa was propelled by 2 21-megawatt electric motors.the ship had a 6,000 m fitness center,with gym,a Thalossatherapy pool,sauna,Turkish bath, and a solarium.Entertainment options included a three level theater,casino,a futuristic disco,and a kid's area equipped with video game products.

The Wreck

The impact caused a 160-foot long gash in her hull,caused water to gush in at an alarming rate.almost two weeks following the incident,17 passengers have been confirmed dead.


now pilots stay away from hazards and rocks.

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