What To Look For When Buying A Diesel Heater

Diesel engines need to be warm enough to start, so they can be difficult to start during the winter. Having a diesel heater can help you start the engine faster, even when it is cold. Diesel heaters are designed to provide warmth to the vehicle's engine and deliver heat into the cab. This type of heater can continue to keep various parts of the automobile warm, even when parked or not being driven you’re your vehicle’s built-in heater is not enough, you need to purchase and install one on your own. Check out these tips on what to look for when you buying a good heater for your diesel engine:

  • Consider a diesel heater that uses a fuel heating system that is compatible with many coolant heating products. Rite Flow is one of the most popular products that use warm coolant from the coolant heater. It draws the fuel from an outlet on the primary fuel filter through a heat exchanger to warm the fuel before returning it to the tank. This technology lets Rite Flow completely warm the fuel system without causing the fuel to turn into gel, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Look for a fuel heating system that is easy to install and will not require you to modify anything in your fuel tank. A diesel heater should only require fittings and the hose for installation. This way, you can reduce the time spent for installation and not have to pay costly installation fees.
  • Look for Espar diesel heaters. Espar is a leading brand that manufactures fuel heating systems that are compatible with various kinds of coolant heating products. Espar Hydronic D5 is a diesel coolant heater and a pre-engine heater in one. It quickly pre-heats the engine and it is easy to use with a timer-operated mechanism, which lets the system start on its own at least an hour before you need to use the vehicle.
  • Buy an efficient heater that can work without relying on the engine. The best ones can be integrated into the engine's cooling system.
  • Look for a diesel heater that can defrost the windows and provide instant cab heat, too.


Be sure to buy your diesel heaters only from authorized sellers and distributors, so you can be sure that the product is truly genuine and is backed by warranty. Most heaters have a two-year warranty as a standard.

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