Was Ist Das?

From left to right - Courtney (fiance), Chuck (dad), Cindy (mom), and Ben (me), and in the back, Jesus.

Who Are You? - The Who, 1978

This photo is a snapshot of my life as of now. Much like the famous Sesame Street song, one of these people is not like the others, and that's me (the Korean looking guy). I was adopted when I was three months old from Seoul, South Korea and moved to a small town called Franklin which is located in Pendleton County, West Virginia (a population of 700 with a 300 bed nursing home. Yeah, that small). As you can see from the garb, my dad is an ELCA pastor (I am a P, I am a PK). At his first call in Franklin, my father served a three point parish that spanned 150 miles in rural West Virginia, I was four years old we moved to Cumberland, Maryland. We have lived here ever since. My mom works as an Occupational Therapist through the school system and with Home Health, and my little sister is a nurse down in Florida. I've always believed that people need to know where they come from before they know where they're going #BaptismalTheology

And Now...

I am in my final year at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!!!) I will graduate with a Master of Divinity in May of 2015! Courtney will also be graduating and we are going to be married that June. We will begin our lives of pastoral servitude as a clergy couple. I am incredibly excited to continue on this journey of finding God in my life and experiencing the needed reminder that God has already found me.

Taken right on the mean streets (sidewalk) of LTSG.

We Got Class

I am excited about this class. I am twenty-seven years old, I'm told I'm a "millennial" and that I am part of a generation that is inundated and defined by social media. Sadly, I am not good at doing social media. #ISuckAtIt

I am on "the Facebook", I recently got Twitter, but sadly I am still behind the times. I'm excited to truly get my feet wet with this course as I social media the crap out of religion. #ltsg4.400 


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