The Moon's Importance

                                                            Zavery Prater


The Moon itself has many important roles. Things like the tides, eclipses, and phases are some of the many roles that the Moon does for us. Tides, in general, are the effect of the Moon's gravity on the water of our planet. Eclipses are when the Moon and Earth make a straight angle, blocking one-another's light with their own shadow. So in this project, I'll obviously be talking about the Moon.

The Moon's phases are the times when light hits the Moon differently. They affect us in many different ways. We can see the Moon in all of its phases. The Moon's phases tie with eclipses, as a New Moon can sometimes bring a Solar Eclipse. The phases themselves vary, having crescents and gibbouses and such.

Tides however, are a different story. The Moon affects the tides by pulling the water up slightly by it's gravity at certain intervals. The reason tides aren't continuous is because the Moon is orbiting around us, so the part that the gravity isn't affecting is going back down. The Moon's gravity affects the opposite side of the Earth, as well, because the water gets left behind a little since the Earth is moving so fast. They're quite interesting, as gravity from something as far as the Moon still affects Earth's structure.

Eclipses are probably the most interesting phenomenon that the Moon has on the Earth. Eclipses, like I've stated before, are when either Moon or Earth create a straight line with the Sun, and block out one-another's light in a certain area. This depends on if the Moon is in front of the Earth, which is a Solar Eclipse, or behind the Earth, which is a Lunar Eclipse. They block out the light in a certain area by their shadow being casted on the other planet by the Sun's light. They are a rare occurrence, but are quite amazing to actually see.

As you could probably concur, the Moon is pretty important, and life would be way different if it weren't there. It's important because of the occurrences that take place on Earth because of it. There would be no eclipses, no tides, no phases, and many more. Our gravity would be different, as a celestial body would be missing from the natural balance of Space. So, in conclusion with this whole report, the Moon is pretty interesting and important.

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