Indroducing the enticing, hair-rising, and far-out words of...........

An Acquaintance With Darkness

Great Story!.........Short!

As the Civil War comes to an end Emily Pigbush  is faced with the death of her mother, making a decision where to live the rest of her life, and the suspicion if her Uncle Valentine is included in body snatcher.  President Abraham Lincoln's death stirs up even more trouble with her best friend Annie Surratt's family accused of his assassination.  As life goes on Emily is faced with the question of whom she can trust as everyone she knows is being accused of doing wrong.

The Reason Why You'll Love It!!!!

An Acquaintance With Darkness is the most mind gripping book I have EVER laid my eyes on!!!  I know you'll love it with its voluminous plots! It took up all of my time and kept me reading!  An astonishing collection of words that will keep you on your toes that is vital on your reading list!!!


Please go out and get the book into your hands!! An Acquaintance With Darkness is a must read for all ages and interests!!

                                                                           -Claudia M. Densley, Major Reader


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