A day in the life of Putu Dela Apsari

5:30 A.M.It's always dark outside when she wake up for school, but the sun comes up fast. She has  breakfast with her  sister, Komang. They have rice, chicken and vegetables with an iced chocolate drink.
7:00 A.M.When they  have time, she love to play gamelan, a traditional Balinese music, with her dad. It takes a lot of practice.
7:20 A.M.Hersister and  her  pray at the temple at the back of there housie. Then they say goodbye to there mother, who gives them her blessing for a good day at school. Her father takes them to school on the back of his bike. It's a 10-minute. Before school starts, her  friends and her sometimes go for a walk in the rice fields. They also sweep the playground to make the yard look neat. They play badminton and do exercises before classes begin.They  study reading, writing, math and science. School starts early and ends early, but she go six days a week. She walk home from school. When she get home, her dog, Blackie, is there to greet her her sister and her try to nap for a few hours in the middle of the day. It's too hot even to think about doing anything outside.

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