Harriet Burr-Morris

Podcasting is used in many ways in the media, being a digital file or video it allows people to broadcast types of information around the world via the internet, as they are mainly web based, meaning they can be accessed by mobiles, tablets and computers. They don't always have to be long, an example of a podcast would be gaming videos and walkthroughs that can be found online. Not only can you view podcasts via your mobiles or tablets, you can also make and upload them directly from your devices, making podcasting easier for many people who may be on the go.

The main hardware that people would normally use when making a podcast would depend if they are doing a video or audio podcast. However you will always need a microphone, and when you are doing a video file, you will need a camera for example you can use your mobile, tablet, laptop or webcams, however the type of hardware used will depend on the quality of the podcast.

The software that would be used can be basic, depends on what the person want to do with the video, for example the person may use animation software's to make their podcast stand out, or they may edit their podcasting, deleting parts they may of got wrong, or adding things from different podcasts they may have done like corrections.

Staying on the right side of the law...

When creating a podcast, it's important to stay on the 'good side' of the law, otherwise you could end up breaking certain guidelines, even if you didn't mean too, so it's important that you know what is right and what is wrong.

What is Libel?

Libel is when someone has published a false statement about a person, causing them to gain a bad representation, which can be known in another way which is defamation of character. However it can occur in two different ways, libel is when the statement is spoken, so for example in a recording or to another person, whereas slander is when it is written, such as in a newspaper article.

What Act of Parliament covers Defamation of Character?

The act that covers Defamation of Character would be the Deformation Act 2013, which means people are not able to publish false statements, and under this act if someone does break this act, it means they can be prostituted. Also, normally, people are innocent until proven guilty, however in this case, the person is guilty until they are proven innocent.

What is Copyright?

"the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material."


Subscribing to Podcasts...

Finding a podcast and subscribing is really simple. I have subscribed to 4 different podcast myself, which was quick and simple to do. First you type into Google which podcast you would like to subscribe too, find the correct podcast, and there will be a option of subscribe buttons, I have used iTunes to subscribe, however you can use whatever is easier for yourself, for example, yahoo, Zune and more.

The most popular place I found would be looking at podcast on the BBC website

Some examples of a podcast that I have subscribed too would be Comedy of the week, world war one and great lives, all which I found on the BBC website.

I had two history podcasts, which I found really interesting, as a personal interest of mine would be history, then the comedy one gave me a few laughs. I believe using podcast is very good as it means you can listen to them anywhere, where as watching tv would require you to have to sit and watch, you can put your earphones in and be on your way.

When you subscribe to a podcast it will mean that you get updates on the latest podcast they have published so you can listen to them as soon as they are published, or whenever you feel like it. It also means you won't be checking up on the page repeatedly to see if there is any new updates as they will notify you themselves.

Creating a Podcast...

When it comes to creating a podcast the first thing you will need to do is plan what you're going to do it about, for example you may do it about a book report, any local news or general information on a certain area.

You will then need to write a script on your podcast, it can be just yourself, and interview between two people or a general conversation between 2-4 people. You will need to make sure there are no mistakes in your podcast, go over how long it will take (you can do this by speaking out the script and timing how long it will take) and record yourself to avoid slip ups when recording.

However don't fret if you do make a mistake, carry on as normal and repeat what you said, it can be edited out in the later process.

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