Renaissance and Reformation


Timeline of Petrarch's Life.

- 1304 - Petrarch was born in Arezzo near Florence, Italy.

-1319-1323 - He first started studying in Avignoon and the Montpellier.

- 1326 - Writes a comedy called Philologia.

-1327 - Met the love of his life Laure de Noves (Laura)

- 1336 - Began to write Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta.

- 1337 - First child was born, Giovanni.

- 1340 - Accepted an offer for a poetic crowning from the University of Paris.

- 1374 - Petrarch died. Thought to have died from the plague.

Petrarch's Accomplishments

- Petrarch was considered to be the founder of Renaissance Humanism and called the Father of Renaissance Humanism.

-  He and two friends also formed the basis of Italian Humanism in Literature.

-  Petrarch seems to be best known for his Italian poetry, some examples would be the Canzoniere and the Trionfi.

- He also had some Latin writings. A few of them were called "My Secret Book" and "On Famous Men".

- He published many letters which he later developed into 2 big sets of books called "Familiar Letters" and "Of Old Age".

John Calvin

Timeline of John Calvin's Life.

- 1509 - John Calvin was born in Noyon, France.

- 1523 - Sent to study at the University of Paris.

- 1528 - After graduating from the University of Paris, he went to the University of Orleans to study law.

- 1536 - Published his first edition of Institutes of the Christian Religion.

- 1549 - Calvins wife, Idelette, dies.

- 1564 - Calvin dies.

John Calvin's Accomplishments.

- John helped William Farel, a French reformer, reform a church in Geneva.

- He also wrote seperate articles on the Confession of Faith to help reorganize the church.

- Then he wrote a book called the Commentary on Romans.

- John was one of the main people behind printing the Geneva Bible.

- He also became a minister in Strasbourg.


-1483 - Raphael was born in Urbino, Italy.

- 1491 - His father dies.

- 1504-1507 - He moved to Florence. He worked in Florence and Perugia.

- 1508 - He moved to Rome to start working on frescos for the Vatican Stanze.

- 1514-1515 - Does portraits  of Castiglione.

- 1518-1519 - Painted La Fornaria.

- 1520 - Raphael died, on his 37th birthday.

Raphael's Accomplishments.

- Raphael was made chief architect of Saint Peter's Basilica.

- He designed many churches, palaces, and mansions.

- One of his first pieces was the Baronci altarpiece for the Saint Nicholas of Tolentino.

-Galatea was his major mythology piece.

-He was appointed director of all excavations of antiquities in Rome.

Raphael's Work