Non-traditional is when you wanna do something you really like in your life, But doing a job you like or making things in your life , you shouldn't listen to other people if they bully you for doing something you like, if you want to do it you should and shouldn't worry about them like if you like working on a car, and your a girl , i boy shouldn't say something or a boy, Do what you want to do and don't let no one get to you in life.

People are you going say things about you even if you making 25,000 a year people going to say something when if you Love you job, you should keep it and not let no one tell you where to work or tell you what to do cause its your job.

Like for a example a Boy being a baby sitting you would Think boys wouldn't like that but He probably  like Baby's and taking care of them, and that what he want to do with his life, only because he likes doing it , he wouldn't work for something he don't like,

For another example would be Like, A girls working on cars, People think Boys should do that But girls might like doing Car Things ,It might not be safe but thats what she wants in her life or that what she grew up doing in her life. and thats what she likes and what to do !

A men working cause a nurse,

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