5 Things You Didn't Know About 1920s Cars

1.Was Gatby's car really that special? Celebrities likes Amelia Earhart tooled around in cars like this Gold Bug Speedster (Bankrate 2015)
2. Rolls Royce. There were only a limited number made, and they were owned almost exclusively by the wealthy. (Bankrate 2015)
3. The Lincoln L-Series was popular for its ability to carry up to four passengers. (Bankrate 2015) Carpool to the party?
1920 Chevrolet Model 490 Touring Car

4.  The price of these Chevrolets nearly doubled in just a couple of years!  (Ojibwa 2014)  Maybe this was the car Wilson wanted so badly to buy and resell?

5.  Nick rarely talks about his car, but when he does he refers to his "old Dodge."  Perhaps this simple Dodge Sedan was what he drove?  (Ojibwa 2014)

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