The Decision Making Model

Step1: Situation

I brought a ticket to the football game and my friend made a arrangement to baby-sit and my parents are on the way to see him because they haven seen him in years he live long distance out of state.

Step2: Options

My parents are giving me a decision Yes or No ?

And i would say no because i might not go because your friend your parents wanna see will not come there because he gotta baby-set i will call and tell them he not gone make it he gotta baby-sit and i don't wont to go to the game by myself something may happen fight or something my get hurt.

Step3: Possible Outcomes

Possible : The game may go good and nothing never happen the hole game things may go just as planned and they might win and be happy and they may be some friends you know there at lest one friend that you can talk to why you'll there at the football game.

Outcomes : A fight my happen because a team lose then everyone will wanna fight against schools or something like someone will get hurt really bad then the game will be cancels for that day and they might have retuned the game into another day and then his friends may not make it.

Step4: Values

Like fights and then they act like nothing happen at the game and run away but get caught the next day. And people get hurt badly then try to lie on someone else act like they didn't.

Step5: Act It

If i was to go i may get hurt or something or get lost after the game my friends may drop me off and forget about me they might go get drunk after the game and i be in the car then i will have to walk home not knowing where to go from there might go party after the game and i will have to find a way out before we make it there such as tell him to drop me off or get out and walk and i will stay home if i had a chances to go because i can work at home and stay out of trouble because might get a trouble on the way back home if i went.

Step6: Evaluate

I think staying home is the best choices if you get in trouble a lot or do something wrong you don't so post to do and not to go if your friends is not there because they are not gone make it.


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