After writing his thesis on George Plimpton, Ronnie C. Wright stepped into the arena as "the next Plimpton" becoming an early writer for the Bleacher Report where he invented "self-improvement journalism." Ronnie is the author of 18 books including "The 7 Layers of Tim Tebow." He covers sports, entertainment and travel as the first person to record a 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai, California. His work has appeared in eHOW, Sports Illustrated, Delta Sky and other major publications. Ronnie has received 7 Editors Choice Awards in Poetry; 3 Bronze Medals for Journalism; Inc. Magazine "Inc. 5000 Honoree," in media & technology and PBS Documentary Award. He is also the creator/host of Dr. Stayfine blog and television show including its featured segments: Sunday At Polo and Luxury Tonight. Ronnie's latest book is titled: "Days On The Lawn." He studied at Florida, Harvard & Stanford.