by: Hector Rodriguez and Xan Moore

There are 1,964375 square kilometers of land to enjoy in this great country so keep reading!!!!! There are lots of enjoyable places to visit such as ¨The Eagle of Mexico¨  also ¨Acapulco¨ And those are only two of the wonderful places you'll discover in Mexico!

1 of the hundreds of beautiful places to visit is called Acapulco. In the 1950s it served as a getaway for millionares but now it is a popular tourist attraction. They have eye catching hotels, beautiful cliffs and much more.

                                                        WEATHER CONDITIONS

Here are some weather conditions coming your way!!

Mexico is very hot and gets little rain. It can get up to 90 degrees in the day but down to 30 degrees in the nighttime.  It seldom snows due to the location right near the equator. so make sure to pack your shorts!


Now with all the fun planned out you need a place to stay! These are some nice hotels!

1. Marquis Reforma- A four and a half star hotel in Mexico City

2. Las Alcobas- Also a four and a half star hotel in Mexico city and won the Travelers Choice Award in 2014

                                                  FOOD AND RESTURANTS

        There are lots of exotic foods to try on your trip to Mexico like...............................

                 - Baked flan- Where you can purchase at Los Molcajetes (a local restaurant)

                 -Chapulines (sauteed grasshoppers)- You can get at D.C's Oymal


                                        The two main types of music are.................................

          1. Mariachci - They play at quinceaneras (a fifthteen year olds birthday party)

                               2. Ranchera -  It is literally sung on ranches and it is sung about love, peace and patriotism.



Now for a womans favorite part of the experince......Shopping!

There are many malls in mexico but one that stands out is the Centro Comercial is one of the largest malls in mexico. It offers many restaurants, A play area for the kids and a 10 screen theater! It is a mall for everyone! So come on mom, dad and even the kids!



                                                               HISTORIC SITES

        If your in to history this is the place to be! One site that comes to mind is the Templo Mayor or "Great Temple." In 1978 employes for an elecrtic company stumbled apon a large stone showing the Aztec's moon goddess, Coyolxauqui. This lead to an Aztec temple which today is a musuem in which you can see a neat to scale model of the Aztec's city.

                                                   TRAVEL TIPS AND ADVISORY

                                   1. Safety -  never hail a taxi on the street with a debit card in your pocket. Instead call a taxi from a building or hotel.

                                  2. Transportation - If you need a taxi try a four door taxi instead of a two door taxi so the driver can not reach you as easily if something were to go wrong                                            





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