Married and Miserable

Seymour/SK's POV

I am engaged to the most annoying man on the face of this planet and yet here I am, standing on the altar about to tie the knot with him. Do I love him? No. I am merely taking responsibility of something I have done to the man.

'Everything will turn out fine.' I reassured myself then the organ began to play the processional march. 'Hopefully.' I straighten up and faced the red carpeted aisle, trying to maintain my calm demeanor. I kept a stoic expression on my face, but behind my emotionlessness I am nervous. I will do the right thing. I will not run away.

The doors finally opened and revealed my soon-to-be-roommate-for-life, Vanya. 'Wait, why is he wearing a dress? I told him to wear a suit!' I groaned at the sight of him in a dress. Yes, it was beautiful but completely unnecessary. The moment he looked up at me, he smiled almost lovingly. 'At least the mother is happy about this.' I thought to myself as I gave him a small smile back, though I think he didn't notice.

I watched him be walked up to the altair by his brother, Zafros. Ahem, Excuse me. Did I say walk? I meant prance like Jack and Jill would to fetch a pail of water from the damn well. Vanya was even swinging his gown for goodness sake! The smile on my fiancé turned from a sweet, loving smile to an idiotic grin of pure lunacy. My eyes twitched at the scene before me. 'Why am I going through with this?' I argued with myself.

Vanya was now at the altair, still grinning like a fool. I sighed and faced the priest that is about to bind us forever. The song has ended and the room fell silent. The priest began to speak but as he did I contemplated whether this was really a good decision? Am I really ready for this kind of role?

Then Vanya started nudging my arm, I looked at him. "What?" I asked. "I will repeat." the priest stated. " Do you, Seymour Adair, take Vanya Algernon, as your lawfully wedded..." He paused and looked at Vanya, who is still smiling. "Wife, to love and hold, in richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

'No. No. No.'


'NO. NO. NO.'

"I do."

And at that, I sealed my fate to live along side Vanya for the rest of eternity... Until death do us part, but I'm no murderer.

A derp story from my highschool days~... These are my friend's and mine's characters!

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