Internet safety project   

      1: don't communicate with strangers that you don't know.                           2: never meet strangers in the real world that was online.                      3: tell some one if some one online texts you that you don't no.   4: don't share personal information.               5: don't join clubs or contests.            6: don't be an online bully.                 7: guard  your online  password, don't share your password.                    8: don't share any pitchers that people can use against you.               9: don't buy anything online if your not certain that its real site.   10: tell someone  if you see someone doing something bad online.                  11: don't do plagiarism [coping other peoples work and/or ideas.]   

These rules help you every day and every time you go on the internet. If you find any of these/do any think on what to do and find out what is the right thing. Anyway make shure that you follow these rules and remember them so you can use them.       

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