Food/Cooking and All It Can Be

Whether you're cooking tacos for a family "Taco Tuesday", or you're cooking a dish of brioche for a five star critic who wants to shut down your business. Food is a huge part of life, we all eat, some of us love to eat, it's just a necessary part of life. ANYONE CAN COOK.

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Full-Time Cook?

If you earn yourself a Bachelor's degree in culinary arts, then you would start you off at the "entry level" ,and it would take at least a few years to progress to anywhere near the kind of cook we see on T.V. or on the internet. On the other-hand  a Master's degree is for kitchen pros, Master’s level studies involve focused training with upper tier chefs, and mastery of particular culinary disciplines.

Is It Expensive To Start Cooking [Like A Pro] At Home?

It can be expensive if you buy the more advanced kitchenware to make cooking easier , yet some tools can be more difficult to use or learn how to use. You can also be pretty successful with tools you can find at any local store. So ,basically what I'm saying is that the tools you use should be from your own opinion and how you plan on cooking/what you can afford. Also how often you do cook/will be cooking plays another part in how expensive cooking can be. Another factor would/will be ingredient quality ,and if you're in a business ,that will more that will be more than likely a issue.

How You Cook

There are hundreds of thousands of cooking styles in today's world ,yet I'm only going to look at two these are the main categories but from here it branches off further. The two topics we'll be covering are Cooking At Home and Cooking For A Living/Work. Whether  you're cooking at home or at work impacts how you cook, what you cook, and the cost of your cooking. Most people who cook for a living come back and cook at home but with more of a passion. So take into consideration which of these you prefer before you put any of the topics above into use.

You are now set to take off in the art of the kitchen ... cooking

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