Madagascar Culture

By, Shelby Hammond

People ,Religion, and Language

The Madagascar people are called Malagasy. Also their main religion is Malagasy. The lanuage spoken there is Malagasy.


The Malagasy people eat many things. Some things are ginger, tomato,salt,teas,zebu milk,rice,onion,ad tropical fruits


People in Madagascar the people wear a thing called lamba. Lamba is cloth or clothing but usually refers to two matching pieces of fabric one around the waist or chest and one around the head or shoulders.

Tradional instrument

The traditional insrument of Madagascar is the Valiha. It is an instrument of metal harp strings and a bamboo body.


A unique ritual to celebrate family ties is called Famadihana. This festival happens every 7 years and which during the family crypts are opened up and the remains of the dead ancesters are brought out to be wrapped with new cloth and dance with the corpses in joy. Live music is played and animals are sacrificed.

Tradional housing

Tradional housing in Madagascar is different than today. The houses were made from straw and sand bricks. The straw is for the roof and the sand bricks are to keep the build standing.

Present day housing

Today in Madagascar the housing is different than tradional housing. People in Madagascar know live closer than they were before.


The Madagascar ladscape is full of rainforest, deserts, and mountains. It is a beautiful sight to see.

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