Equine Vet


The yearly salary average for an equine vet is $48,932-$73,399. The monthly average is $4,078-$6117 and the hourly average is $22-$33.

Job Descrption

Equine vets provide healthcare for horses. Care includes preventive medicine and treatments for existing conditions including surgical treatments.


Equine vets don't always have to work in the vet clinic or office. Some come out to wherever your horse is located to treat its needs.

Special Skills

Equine Vets need to be familiar with horse handling, social skills, and math and science.


Every veterinary school's expectations of an undergraduate's coursework may be different. If your undergraduate college doesn't have a specific preveterinary track, consult with an academic adviser and take a science-heavy course load. This typically takes 4 years.

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