Ethan brooks

#what about me

What I took when No one was looking

    I am what you call an unlucky bidder. I make bets that I am likely to loose. Like when I bet a friend of 10 dollars. I did not have the 10 dollars so when no one was looking I stole the money from my little brother. Eventually my mother found out and made me give him 15 dollars.

My fear of hieghts.

   I am afraid I high places. the more you being me up higher to the sky I get even more afraid than I was the few ft. I cant even stand on top of a house, I would not get payed enough to go on my rough. Even crazier when I stand up I feel 20ft higher.

My weakness

Most people would not call this a weakness. I am small than most of my friends witch makes me look younger than I really am. Yet this may look bad I can come with advantages I could look younger a get prices on different items could be deducted.

Where I live

    I live in Spokane valley Washington

Where I go when I want to be alone

    When I want to be alone I like to go for a walk. It usually happens when I get mad or need to burn off some steam.

Firstt pets name

When I was younger I liked the stores lows home depot and all those tipe of plases. So when I got a gold fish for my first pet I thought I should call I home depot, because it was orange and that store was my favorit store at the time.

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