Genius Hour

What is Genius Hour?

Why Genius Hour?
*Genius Hour allows for Differentiation of learning. 
*Genius Hour gives the learner time to find their passion.  Passionate people are successful people.
*Learners choose their own projects and personalize their own learning.
*Learners have time to be creative.
*Genius Hour is Inquiry Based Learning.  Learners asks questions, which is a key to their development. 
*Genius Hour reinforces the learning strategy of problem solving, looking at a problem in a different way.
*Genius Hour Is Fun!

You are a Genius and the world is waiting for YOUR contribution.

Not sure you have anything to offer?

How do you begin?

1.  You must first have a Driving Question.  
A problem to solve.
Something that you are Wondering about or passionate about.
2.  Your topic needs to be researched.  
3.  It must benefit others.
4.  It must be shared.

Looking forward to what YOU have to offer during Genius Hour.

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